Spring Cleaning .

Spring – a time of renewal for a Healthy and Clean Home.

Spring is a season of renewal, rejuvenation, celebration and manifestation. It is also that time of the year
where you can take courageous steps to manifest and live your dreams and live life to its fullest as they say! This season brings in hope for a new beginning.
But it is also that time of the year when we need to cleanse our surroundings.. the home that we live in, to bring in good and vibrant energy. This is the time when we cannot afford to be lethargic and if we are we need to sit up and do something that will give us the boost to add “that” positive energy to our lives.One should be in tune with the energy of spring. There is positive energy at this time,that help miracles happen.It is an on-going free teaching class with the grace of Mother Nature!

One of the methods to bring in positive energy is to declutter; get rid of old and unwanted stuff and bring in something new and cheerful. Re arrange your home setting settings and furniture for that flow.Well if we are tight on the budget,then the least we can do is to throw open our windows and out with the clutter!With the junk, the low energy flows out and believe me you will feel much lighter.One can donate good but unwanted things like clothes and furniture to those who may need them or go in for a garage sale!

To bring in positive energy into the house , we can start with simple addons like diffusing energizing essential oils in the air with an electricc or a candle diffuser. You can also use an essential oils air spray and add aromatic oils in them. Peppermint, eucalyptus and/or lemongrass are the most popular oils.
To bring in Live energy, one can place a fountain in the sitting room.A water fountain with a silent motor will diffuse negative ions into the air. It is however not advisable to place a fountain the bedroom.

Well, how new is your home this spring? How fresh and how vibrant? New energy does not mean new things at all. It only means, a fresh new way of looking at what you love, at your surroundings and being able to take in the metamorphosis that is going on all around you by nature. It also means to let go of all that is old and invaluable for something new and good, right? What it really means is change your attitude, your beliefs and be positive like our Beautiful Nature that, inspite of all odds, it renews itself with full vigour and enthusiasm bringing in new lives, hopes and dreams!

You are part of Nature and you are loved and loving; align with its rhythms, and let your home express this alignment.