Blueberries- Benefits for a glowing skin.

Blueberries- For A Beautiful Skin.

blueberries,benefits for skin care
(Image Courtesy: Pexels)

Blueberries! I love it as much as strawberries, cherries, well most berries.Now a days it is easily available in India and I therefore make it a point to add it in my monthly shopping list.One can eat blueberries raw, make smoothies,cocktails and a lot more.

Besides their nutritional value, blueberries are beneficial for a beautiful skin. This superfood has arguably more antioxidants than green tea. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, blueberries are known to soften the skin, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate scars, increase elasticity and fights against blemishes and acne.It helps in balancing the oil levels in the skin and evens out skin tone. Besides being great for the skin, blueberries also improve brain function, boosts immunity, helps to maintain weight and blood sugar levels.


blueberries,benefits for skin care

(Image Courtesy: Pexels)

Knowing the benefits of blueberries for a good skin care regimen, I decided to look around for a product that has bluberries as an ingredient for skin care. I was thrilled to see this bottle at an online store, that had this superfood as a detoxifying agent along with other ingredients.I bought this immediately as it was an Ayurevdic product, which means, that it was naturally crafted without chemicals.Believe me, you do see a change in the skin after use, there is a glow and a feeling of freshness on the face.



blueberries as a detoxifying agent

Home Made Face Masks

You can also make your own face mask at home, with ingredients that we have in our kitchen. A little blending is all that is required. With blue berries the following can be blended to make a face mask.

– Aloevera-heals, soothes, moisturizes and evens out skin
-Lemon Juice- promotes healthy growth of skin
-Plain Yoghurt-helps clear off damaged skin
-Oats -shrinks pores and evens out the texture of skin
-Honey -eliminates acne
-Olive Oil-cleans and moisturizes or
-Sour Cream- activates the production of collagen and exfoliates.

For a Beautiful You!!