Earrings.What to wear in 2018.


Earrings! This is an accessory which I love and can never get tired of buying.In fact it is the easiest way to make a statement. A simple dress or a sari can be accentuated with this piece of jewelry.You can pull it off without a neck piece or any other accessories and attend a party straight from work, if you have the right earrings with you.So, I think one can build up the jewelry collection by focusing a little more on the earpiece.Trends by the fashionista this season are(a few that I like) :


#1  Tassel Earings

The tassel earrings are in trend now. They are chic and versatile, and the bright colours that they come in do brighten up your outfit.

earring trends 2018


tassel earrings

 Tassel Earrings From Jaypore


#2 Hoops

If you love the retro look, the hoops are for you.Not only do they look chic,they are versatile and can  be teemed up with both casual and formal wear.

# 4 The Duster Earrings

These duster earrings are a style statement these days.They are so called as they are long enough to brush your shoulders.


 (Image Courtesy:https://www.elitedaily.com)


#5. Feather Earrings

As the name suggests, these earrings replicate feathers. Best teamed with casual wear.

trends for 2018


#6 Cartilage Earings

The ear cartilage is pierced and earrings of all shapes and material can be worn. Tough its a fashion trend now, most tribes in north eastern part of India wear earrings, in their ear cartilage, as part of their tradition. It is a painful process and takes long to heal after the cartilage is pierced, so its good only for the bold ones.



cartilage earrings


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