15 Home Decor Ideas for a Beautiful Home.

A Home is where the heart is! A Home is not just a place,its a feeling.. of love, warmth and security.It is not how big the house is, but how happy the home is.  Sharing with you, a few of my  favourite home decor ideas, while  taking you through a tour of a home,where dreams are built and love is shared.


    The Entrance. The first impression matters. Say it with flowers and greens.

Lifestyle, entrance to a house


 The hallway: Mirror, Mirror on the wall… A touch up, before stepping out.

hallway mirror,lifestyle


 The Living Room. Nice and cosy.

lifestyle, living rooms


 Cooked with love, with a dash of green. A kitchen in light shades is always preferable.

kitchen ideas, lifestyle


 A family that eats together, stays together! The wood is a contrast to the black .The unusual hanging light adds to the  mood.

dining table with chairs, lifestyle


 The bedroom, with a natural feel. A room with a view.

bedroom with a view,lifestyle


 Comfort Zone. I love this organic and earthy yet modern Zulu hanging chair to laze around or cuddle up with a book.

Zulu hanging chair, lifestyle


Wall papers in any room are always welcome.

wall papers in bedroom, lifestyle


 After a tiring day! Relax!



 Innovative and reasonable,simple yet elegant. I love it!

Outside sitting area,lifestyle


Unusual design for a hanging light

hanging lights


An ingenious way of storing shoes.It doubles up as a low stool.

storage ideas, lifestyle


Tired Tyres! Recycled and used as planters.recycled tyres,lifestyle


For a corner.


The Wall.
the wall decor,lifestyle


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As Nate Berkus says”Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love”.


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