Home Furnishings

Furnishings – for a beautiful Home

Furnishings, for a beautiful home include curtains and drapes, carpets and cushion covers.Bright, colourful and well planned furnishings that match the colour scheme and decor of your home, add that extra zing.They add to the comfort, convenience and and beauty to the house. Among the soft furnishings, I love the diwan sets, that now days come with bolster covers , cushion cover and the cover itself.

A diwan in the living room makes the room nice and cosy.One can relax , read a book or lazily watch the tv like I do. Diwans may be simple, and in many cases are single beds that can double for an over night guest or they may be ornately carved.What ever the design, a well co ordinated diwan set does add the extra good feel to your room.
If the color scheme in your living room is in white or off white, then diwan sets in in lighter shades may be used. Rooms with darker colours always have a choice of contrast colours.

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