Assam and Assamese Hospitality

Greetings from the land of” The Red River and Blue Hills”, Assam, Namaskar!

In the north eastern corner of India, is the beautiful state of Assam.It is not only famed for its emerald green tea gardens,carpets of various shades of green paddy fields,blue skies and garlands of hills, but is also known for the hospitality and warmth of the people. A wandering traveller to an Honoured guest of state, no one leaves Assam without experiencing the affable nature of its people.

An Assamese Gamosa , The pride of Assam

Assamese Gamosa


A new visitor is always welcomed by a “Gamosa”the traditional towel of Assam. Infact,it symbolises the life and culture of the state.Be it a guest at an Assamese house or any dignitories,for a State visit, the Gamosa is placed around the neck by the host .It signifies the respect and importance of the “atithi” to our home land.

Snacks and Cuisine of Assam.

A typical Assamese CuisineA guest in an Assamese household can never go back hungry. Starting from a cup of Chai,with the  local delicacies like pitthas, ladoos  or even  luchi bahjji(puris and curry) to a full fledged meal, the taste of the Assamese cuisine touches and lingers on the taste buds for a long time. An Assamese meal consists of rice, dal(lentils),Masar Tenga(Fish curry with tomatoes),Mutton curry or chicken curry, khaar,(a siganture dish made from the ashes of banana peels), xaak(vegetables)and” aloo pitika”(mashed potatoes) along with pickles.
A trip to the villages are always welcome. Fresh vegetables, milk, eggs curated and cooked to perfection by the ladies of the house would want you coming back for more.The food is usually served in bell metal utensils made by an indigenous community called Mariya. Tamul (betel nut, generally raw) and paan generally concludes the meal                                        

Assam, with its myriad of colours, traditions, people,culture and landscapes is a beautiful painting, where travellers can merrily paint their thoughts and views.

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