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Tarun Tahiliani’s Lifestyle Jewellery Collection.

Jewellery is not just a matter of status symbol but is also associated with emotions,attachments and memories. They signify milestones achieved.Usually they have histories that are linked with loved ones and significant life events. Women are passionate about this accessory. A good piece of ornament enhances and accentuates a dull coloured dress or a sari.While the best way to buy jewellery is to walk down to a store, for most of us who are hard pressed for time or plain lazy,the online platforms are good options.
Tarun Tahiliani’s range of Life style jewellery are both ravishing and fascinating. His new collection is a “line of handcrafted silver based jewellery united,with semi precious stones,pearls and other materials.They are created as objects of desire,that dazzle, discern and seduce in equal measure”.
Tarun Tahiliani Lifestyle Jewellery Brooch for Women (Pale Yellow) (PPB0004). Rs 13,200.(Rangoli Collection)


Tarun Tahiliani Lifestyle Jewellery  Earrings for Women (Multi Colour) (MCE0009). Rs 34,800(Pearl & Polki Collection).

Tarun Tahiliani Lifestyle Jewellery  Juda Pin for Women (Multi Colour) (MCjP0005).Rs 6,400.(Pearl & Polki ollection)

Tarun Tahiliani Lifestyle Jewellery Belt for Women (Multi Colour) (MCBL0001).Rs 95,000.(Rangoli Collection)

Tarun Tahiliani Lifestyle Jewellery Necklace for Women (Multi Colour) (MCN0005).Rs 28,000.(Pearl & Polki Collection)

Tarun Tahiliani Lifestyle Jewellery Haathfool for Women (Pale Yellow) (GH0001)Rs 47,700.(Golconda Collection)

This range of jewellery has been intricately crafted by a team of designers and craftsmen using silver925, with gold plating and semi and non precious stones like Cubic Zircon, Chinese Jade Red,Synthetic Shell Pearl, like Ruby, Emerald & Amethyst, keeping in mind the new fashionable woman of today.

Care: It is advisable to store jewellery in a zip lock pouch (air tight pouch)and should be kept away from water, perfume and other chemicals.You can clean it with dry and soft cloth only.

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