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I mentioned in my earlier post, the need and importance(literally)of a handbag for a woman. Be it a small purse or a wallet to a big tote bag, which I love , a handbag is definitely an important accessory. It does accentuate an attire well.
I have selected a few brands , which I have personally used and liked. So, come and join me in selecting a bag or purse to suit your style.The bags selected are all in random order.

1. Baggit: I have been using a purse from this brand for nearly four years now and it still looks good. I rarely change this wallet as I have all my cards here. Baggit bagged PETA Vegan Fashion Awards 2014 for the Best Brand in Women’s Wallet category.

Baggit satchels in Wine colour

Baggit L Panache Tarzen Women’s Satchel Handbag (Wine)
Price: Rs 2,900.00
Sale Price:: Rs 2,199.00 FREE Delivery.Details
You Save: Rs 701.00 (24%)Inclusive of all taxes

Baggit handbag in gold colour

Baggit L Kart N Precious Women’s Handbag (Gold)
Price:Rs 2,875.

       Sale Price: Rs 1,999.00 FREE Delivery.Details
You Save:Rs 876.00 (30%).Inclusive of all taxes


Baggit Cappy Gayle handbag


     Baggit L Cappy Gayle Women’s Sling Bag (Pink)

Price: Rs 2,375.00

         Sale Price: Rs 1,425.00 FREE Delivery.Details
You Save: Rs 950.00 (40%).Inclusive of all taxes.

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2.Linno Perros:This is another brand that is good and classy. They have a collection of ostentatious handbags, clutches, wallets, sling bags and belts for both men and women.There products are “crafted by the experienced hands” to present to the customers, the “most delicate pieces of art which cannot be missed”.


Lino Perros black and white handbagLino Perros Women’s Handbag (Black and White)Price: Rs 1,995.00
             Sale Price:  Rs  Price1,596.00 FREE Delivery.Details
You Save: 399.00 (20%).Inclusive of all taxes


lin Perros Womens sling bag


Lino Perros Women’s Sling Bag(Red,Lwsl00187_Red)Price:Rs 1,795.00
Sale Price:Rs 1,436.00 FREE Delivery.Details
You Save: 359.00 (20%).Inclusive of all taxes.



lino Perros ling bag -black

Lino Perros Women’s Sling Bag (Black) Price: Rs 1,995.00
    Sale Price: Rs 1,396.00 FREE Delivery.Details
You Save:Rs599.0(30%)Inclusive of al taxesLino Perros black clutch bag

Lino Perros Women’s Clutch (Black) (LWCC00159-BLK

Price: Rs 1.095

Sale Price: Rs 657.FREE Delivery.Details
You Save:Rs 599.00.(30%)Inclusive of all taxes.

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3.Lavie : This brand of bags is little highly priced, but the quality is good. However, with Amazon offering a good discount, a bag from this brand is worth a buy. Lavie was launched in 2010 as a Lifestyle brand, with only  type of product:its bag collection. The brand states, that its collection of products are aimed at” imbibing the spontaneous, vibrant & independent nature of the 21st century women”. Lavie does have a collection , to suit every ocassion.


Lavie womens yellow tote bagLavie Women’s Tote Bag (Yellow)(HGCR201076D4)
Price:RS 3,860.00
Sale Price: 2,509.00 FREE Delivery.Details
You Save: 1,351.00 (35%)Inclusive of all taxes.

Lavie Womens Jade tote bagLavie Women’s Handbag (Jade) (HHCS469169A3)

Price:Rs 4,560 
Sale Price: Rs 2,964..00 FREE Delivery.Details

You Save: 1,596.00(35%) Inclusive of all taxes

Lavie Monarchs Women's Satchel (Dark Green) (L01611160113)
Lavie Monarchs Women’s Satchel (Dark Green) (L01611160113)
Price:Rs 3,990.00
Sale Price: Rs 2,593.00 FREE Delivery.Details
You Save: Rs 1,397.00 (35%).Inclusive of all taxes


Lavie Destiny Med Dome Women's Handbag (Beige)

Lavie Destiny Med Dome Women’s Handbag (Beige)
Price:Rs 3,660.00
                            Sale Price:Rs 2,928.00 FREE Delivery.Details
You Save: Rs 732.00 (20%).Inclusive of all taxes.

Amazon is quite generous with their offers and discounts, so all of you who love bags,have a wide choice available now at good prices. So hurry and see what you can get.Join us here, as we guide you to the End Of Season Sale. 


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