Panty Style Guide for Comfort and Fashion.

From the cradle to the coffin, underwear comes first”.

For a woman, panties are an essential piece in the wardrobe. Not only is it required for body protection, but also for hygiene. Smart panty habits mostly boil down to personal preference and in today’s world, a woman has a plethora of choices. It is also all about intention. When a woman wears something beautiful and coordinated beneath her clothing, she sends a powerful message of confidence to herself and to the universe. In other words, it’s power-dressing from the inside out. The look is complete. She carries herself a little differently. Exudes a little mystery. Affirms her femininity and Ignites her self-confidence…

But have you ever thought of the effects of that little something that you wear beneath layers of clothing and which speaks a lot about you? The hygiene aspect? While you need to wear that little piece of fabric to feel good and comfortable you need to be protected too. Protection from infection!

Let us discover the essential types of panties for protection and comfort.

1. Antimicrobial Panties: Wearing panties the whole day has its side effects especially in hot weather conditions. Considering the fabric of your underwear is even more important than other clothing items as these are the pieces that are in touch with your skin all day. Choosing the right lingerie fabric could mean the difference between sweating and suffering or remaining comfortable and odour free. This variety has come to the rescue of women who are prone to irritations and infections.

Goes Well With: Any outfits for everyday use.

anti microbial panty

Antimicrobial Panty

Online brand Zivame has recently launched its collection of the antimicrobial variety that is made from soft and breathable material and keeps you snug and odour free.These are perfect to wear on a hot day, on the dance floor, or during an energizing yoga session.

For those days of the Month:

2.Period  Covers: Do few days of the month unnerve you? Do you get irritated, angry flustered at the slightest things? Do you have to worry about leaks and stains? Well, that does it! But help is at hand. Over the years the concept of period panties have evolved and is accepted and worn by women all across the world.

Goes Well With: Depending on the style, it can be worn with clothes that one is comfortable with on those days.

  • Period Panties


The appropriate panty is the backbone to any well-executed outfit. One needs to pay attention to the foundation of the outfit as does the outerwear and leave the worries at home to go about your day or night, exuding unmatched confidence and elegance.

So let’s think of the choices at hand, that have evolved over the recent years. Click for More and discover the must-have silhouettes and fashions vital to your panty collection.

3. Classic Brief: Almost grandmotherly like and conservative, with full coverage and high waistband, they are comfortable for daily wear.

Goes Well With: High waisted jeans or skirts. Recommended during heavy periods.

Classic Brief

4.Hipsters: The hipster panty gives more rear coverage and sits low on the hips. These are also called hip huggers as the waistband sits on the hips. You can opt for low, medium or high waist length. They provide a lot of coverage and are comfortable. Slightly conservative compared to other styles, but it’s a must-have design.

Goes Well With: Low Waisted Jeans and skirts.



5. Tiny Miny Bikini: A bolder version of the usual and has been around for long. It is comfortable and can be worn with everyday wear. This moderately covered panty lies somewhere between the sexy thong and the conservative brief. They have moderate butt coverage, high cut legs and a thin waistband.

Goes Well With: Long dresses, skirts and of course as a beachwear.

bikini panty


6. Inspired by the Boys! Boy Shorts are a take from men’s briefs. These are rectangular on the thighs, unlike regular panties. They are almost similar to hipsters but have a lower-cut leg.

Goes Well With: Can be worn with anything as they have no visible panty lines.

boy shorts

Boy Shorts

7. Think Thongs: Sensual and sexy it is low waisted with minimal butt coverage.

Goes Well With: if you are planning to wear a body con dress or pencil skirts, this is a good option. No embarrassing panty lines can be visible.



8. G strings: This is a bolder version of the thong, similar to it but provides less coverage.The front and back fabric directly connect to the waistband which is usually a small string.

Goes Well With: It’s a basic minimum and should be worn as a beachwear or while sunbathing.

G Strings

G Strings

9. No Show- Seamless: For a feeling of comfort, nothing beats a seamless panty. As the name implies, no visible seams or stitches to embarrass you.

Goes Well With: Daily wear including leggings, dresses, trousers and more.



10.TummyTuckers: Every woman deserves to look good and have confidence in flaunting her impressive figure.  Choosing the best tummy control shapewear will help to sculpt your waistline and give you a smooth silhouette.

Goes Well With: With any tight-fitting clothes, where you want to accentuate the curves.

tummy tuckers

Tummy Tuckers

Did you Know?

  1. The Panty wearing world record was made by ten-year-old Jack Singer of Warwick, New York? He wore 215 pairs of underwear simultaneously on June 13, 2010. He broke the previous record of 200 pairs.
  2. The sexiest country of them all- The country with the most underwear models is Brazil.
  3. New Years Eve tradition- In Italy women celebrate New Years by wearing red underwear because it’s considered lucky.