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Silver! Given a choice, I prefer it to gold. Its been that way ever since I can remember. As a young girl, I would always buy silver jewellery. Till today I have carefully kept these trinkets which my Mom and Dad gave me.The traditional designs are what I really love, chunky necklaces, intricate designed earings…wow I could go on and on.For jewellery designers, this is a perfect metal.They can experiment with fashion inspired designs and not break the mould. The enduring beauty, magnetic allure and mystique charm of silver is what makes it ideal for creating exquisite pieces of jewelry.

Silver has been popular from time immemorial.Dating back to 700 BC, this formed an important item in the jewellery trade.Age old legends narrate the magical prowess of this metal. From healing to keeping evil spirits at bay, silver is both interesting and exclusive. At one point in time, centuries ago, ornaments made of this, were worn and adorned by the rich and it was limited to the affluent only.The amount of silver one possessed defined the level of status and affluency in society.

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An interesting fact I discovered, is that silver is the symbol of the moon!.Artemis, the Greek goddess used to ride on a silvery chariot across the skies,emanating silver beams towards the earth.So, “moon beams” at night, came the saying.And I beam like the moon when I see silver jewellery.’

How  to care for your silver jewellery:

Silver when used often, may get tarnished. So, regular cleaning and polishing is neccesary..

1 Polish, using a soft cotton cloth dipped in warm water. Make use of polishes that are specially formulated to clean silver.

2. Another way of cleaning silver jewellery is to gently coat the pieces with “vibhuti”, a sacred ash found in temples in India, The powder can be left on for a few minutes and wiped off with dry, clean cloth.

3.A home-made solution of salt and aluminium foil can also be prepared to remove the tarnish. Take a bowl of warm water and add some pieces of aluminum foil to it. Mix one spoon of salt and then leave the  jewelry in it for some time. Take it out after a minute or two and you will find shimmering new pieces of silver.

4. Make a thick paste of one-fourth cup of baking soda and two tablespoons water and apply the paste on the silver jewelry, then gently rub and rinse it off.

5. And do you know what else helps in reviving the glow and lustre to those delicate pieces? Glowing teeth and glowing silver jewels. Yes,you guessed it right.. our toothpaste!Just squeeze out your toothpaste, apply it on your rusty silver jewelry and use a cotton cloth or a paper towel to rub it gently.


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Keep them away safe !

1.Store your silver jewelry in air-packed plastic bags or in separate sections of your jewelry box. This will limit the exposure to air,preventing it from discolourimg.

2.You can also use anti-tarnish pads or place a packet of silica gel in the storage area to prevent tarnish.

Flaunt it with Love !

While you accessorise your outfit, make sure you use your perfume, before wearing them. Do not wear these dainty pieces while doing your household chores or while taking a shower.

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