Spring Time


Spring begins from the month of March,ideally it starts from the 20th or 21st of March. Astronomically speaking,Spring begins from the precise point in time when the center of the sun passes directly over the Equator. This exact moment is called the vernal equinox. Spring heralds warmer days, blue skies and beautiful blooms of various delightful colours all around.The air gets warmer, and with nature at its best beauty,there is a feeling of lightness and a belief that it is an ode to new beginnings.
The feeling of lightness also comes with the attire.. warmer days means no more heavy sweaters and coats. One can step out in style with pretty dresses in bright colours, floral prints and accessories that match the environment all around.
While the woollens are dry- cleaned to be put away one should do a little spring cleaning too.No, not just the cupboards, to remove unwanted, unworn clothes, but the entire house as well. Its that time of the year, when windows need to be thrown open to let in light, cool breeze and the aromas of the flowers in bloom in the lawn. Vaccum clean the house- under the sofas, carpets and rugs. Replace home fragrances to sweet smeeling aromatic candles to add the purity in the air.Infact, redocorate ideas that are looking tired and worn out. Nice soft music playing in the background is an added impetus to work and improve on new better ideas!
Believe me all this and more adds upto a good and positive feeling! So have a blast, plan your wardrobe and Dress up for Spring

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