Weekend Shopping

Weekends are always a time to look forward to. Away from the pressures of work and office, it is either a time to put your feet up and relax at home or at a spa, do house cleaning(which you never had time to during the week) or go shopping. And its definitely tempting when most retail outlets and online shopping sites are offering you unbelievable discounts and showering you with a “buy one get one free”offers.
Over this long weekend,the “Republic Day Sale”,in India, is specially inviting.I for one did splurge more than I actually needed to buy. From apparels from my favourite online shopping site Jabong, to house hold items like a sandwich toaster, a grilled pan and an electric kettle for my Mom, I did indulge a wee too much.

For the latest in Fashion

Retail outlets are offering mega deals on almost all products.Be it the most sought after smart phones ,to the latest music systems, health products and other house hold essentials, if it suits your budget and your requirement, this is the best time to go shopping.

A new year, a new beginning, most would want to refurbish and redecorate their homes.While it may not be possible to renovate the home completely, a change in furnishings and accessories is welcome. Adding colour to a living space, with new cushion covers and handcrafted curios or even fresh indoor plants would remind you of the coming spring season.It is said that few indoor plants like peace lily(white), boston fern, syngonium and a few others, help to purify the air in your surroundings.For that you have the local nurseries, if you do not believe in shopping online for plants.

Earlier, weekends would be a time to catch up with friends and family. But with change in consumerism,focus is not just on entertainment,but food and shopping as well.Hanging out with friends and family in malls, shopping and eating out, is a new trend. And retailers are taking advantage of this,by creating events and other opportunities for people to come in and spend quality time and enjoying with their near and dear ones.

This weekend, you can plan for the coming spring summer season.Most outlets are giving good discounts on clothes and accessories at this time of the year.So, go out and shop to your heart’s content.For those who missed out on the early bird offers, there is still time. Republic day sale may go beyond the weekend.

Did I tell you that I also bought an aqua blue Caprese bag? Its still on the way though, other wise I would have loved to share this new addition to my handbag collection.