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While rummaging through a trunk full of books,I came across a tiny yellow covered book, with equally yellow coloured pages,discoloured with age. The book which belongs to my Mom has a lot of kitchen hints, a few of which I would like to share with you.

As festivals and fun time approaches, guests and visitors come over.So, just as much as you toil to make a sumptuous meal and keep a “perfect house”,equally you have to work to clean up the mess after its all over.
Before we start entertaining,there are a few things we can do to spice up.

1. Faking Baking: Before the guests arrive, give them the impression that the oven has some golden goodies ready. Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar in a tin pie pan and burn it on a light flame on the stove…. beautiful baked aroma greets your guest.(Provided you have a baked item on the menu).

2. Candle lights: To prevent candles from burning quickly and dripping, place them in the refrigerator for several hours before using.

3.Serve without spill overs. To prevent dishes and tumblers from sliding on a serving tray, place them on damp napkins.Or if you are using silver trays, use a sheet of plastic wrap.

4.Frozen Vegetables: If you need to use frozen vegetables and want to restore the fresh flavour, pour boiling water over them to rinse away all traces of the frozen water. Vegetables can be freshened by soaking them for an hour in cold water to which a juice of lemon or a few tablespoons of vinegar has been added.

5. Keep vegetables colourful: Add a pinch of baking soda to cooking water.

6. Peas In a Pod: Are you making a Peas Pulao or Mattar Paneer(an Indian curry of cottage cheese and peas) or any dish with peas?It is best to cook peas in the pod. The peas separate from the pod when cooked and the pods float to the surface. It is less work and the peas taste better.


party over

When the party is over!!

1. Treat a red wine spill on the rug with ordinary shaving cream from an aerosol can. Sponge off with cold water.

2.Remove white water stains rings from furniture with a soft damp cloth and a dish of white toothpaste. Polish as usual.

3. Candle wax drippings on carpets and tablecloths can be removed by placing a paper bag over the spot and running a hot iron over it.

4. A slice of bread often removes make up smudges from dark clothes.(Honestly speaking I have not tried this tip)

5. Smoke smells in the room is said to disappear when a cold towel(wrung out) is swished around the room.


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