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Sandwich Makers

Sandwich makers are important kitchen essentials.Sandwiches are an all time favourite snack and can be prepared easily with the help of a good sandwich maker.. A twist to the ubiquitous bread are the grilled sandwiches which are filling and tastier. In cold winter evenings,there is nothing like a grilled sandwich with a steaming cup of tea or coffee while you sit around with friends and family talking about the day’s events and the gossips doing the rounds.I like my grilled sandwiches with liquidy cheese oozing out on all sides.. never mind the mess and not to think of the calories attached. Its a once in a while indulgence that can be forgiven.
A combination of diced Gruyere cheese or mature cheddar cheese with mayonnaise, green pepper, mild chilli sauce with a pinch of salt and pepper and grilled to perfection with a good sandwich maker adds the zest to your tongue. What I like about grilled sandwiches is that they are filling and unlike a normal sandwich the calories are less unless of course you tend to indulge in the cheesy part of the story.
Variations of the fillings can be made using lots of veggies like Zucchini, tomatoes,lettuces, cabbage,spinach,chicken, tuna and all that suits the palette and douses the hunger.Breakfast is a meal that should not be avoided but is almost a rushed through one especially in homes where children have to be sent to school, husbands rush to work and the ladies either have to go to office themselves or run around with errands and house work before they all get back home.The breakfast sandwich maker by Hamilton is a resourceful asset especially through this morning rush. I love this product as it has really helped in this morning meal…in making sumptuous and filling sandwiches in about five minutes which helps you pull through the day.Its dish washer friendly and cleaning is not so laborious.So, go ahead and make sandwiches with these good sandwich makers… and I am sure you will enjoy making them for your family and friends just as I do!

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