An Elegant Life Style Store


How the Elegant Lifestyle Store  was thought of…..From time immemorial,Sarah has been a popular name for a little baby girl. In Hebrew,Spanish, Urdu, Sanskrit and a host of other languages,the name denotes a little baby girl… a Princess! Yes, A Princess! And when our first born came into the world, her father decided to call the little bundle of joy Sarah. After all she was the apple of his eye.. his princess. . Time has flown and the little girl has grown into a lovely young lady, doing fairly well in life , keeping up with the pressures of a competitive world. As her name suggests(which I much later discovered), she is sensitive, creative, with an eye for all things good in life and an appreciation for refined surroundings.Elegant and beautiful she believes that her world is her oyster full of all things attractive like a #LIFESTYLE STORE... She also believes that one can still be simple but elegant, as simplicity is the key note of all true elegance….Elegance, is the only beauty that never fades away.My attempt through this blog would be to bring to all my friends and would be’s a beautiful collection that would make a  positive change in one’s lives, lifestyle and all that goes into making a Women attractive, radiant, healthy, not only for herself but also for the Home she lives in.


Remember,Life is like a novel. You are the author and every day is a new page.

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