Treggings, the New leggings.

Treggings. Wear the new style and comfort.


Treggings are a craze this season. What are treggings? They are basically a hybrid between trousers and leggings with more details added.Leggings , jeggings and now treggings can be differentiated between the style and material used.

Leggings are tight fitting, typically made from a blend of lycra, spandex, polyster, nylon and a percentage of cotton. They are ankle length and can be worn with long kurtas or short kurtis,tunics and short dresses.

Jeggings have the touch and feel of leggings but with the details of denims or jeans, especially the pockets which have the stiched details common to a pair of jeans. They look nice and stylish if worn with tunics and in winter with long knitted dresses.

Treggings are the latest from the leggings hybrid.They are leggings styled to look like trousers, but fit like leggings. They are of a thicker material and hence makes the wearer look more slender and attractive.This stylish hybrid has pretty much all the benefits of leggings like – comfort, form-fitting, and ankle-skimming length – along with the added bonus of the trouser’s classic details.Since they are snug-fit, it gives a very sleek & clean look (ideal for work). The stretchy fabric ensures lasting ease & comfort. Wear it with a well tailored jacket, to office and it can pass off as pair of trousers. No one will know!

#1 Treggings in coke black,teamed with a formal shirt, and you are ready for office.Made from  Poly Cotton Spandex,it is straight fit and comfortable.


Bottoms More Treggings - Coke Black

#2 For those who love denims but still love the bright colours of leggings.


Hbhwear Womens Denim Treggings - Fuschia Pink

#3. For those who love the “skinny” jeans look but feel comfortable in cotton.

Sheen Women's Skinny Treggings

#4. To be with the season .. in florals!

Irene Women's Slim Fit Treggings

#5 For the weekend.

Miss Studio Women's Printed Ankle Length Tregging.

Well, would you like to wear treggings this season? Do fill in your comments below and let us know. We would love to hear from you.



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